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Conventional wisdom holds that a draft can’t be properly evaluated until after three years. If that’s the case then Odell Beckham Jr. Chinese wholesale jerseys is undoubtedly the best wide receiver taken in the 2014 NFL Draft.


But not only does Beckham pass the eye test with his highlight reel plays and consistent, jaw-dropping numbers but the New York Giants wide receiver is amazingly productive. What stands out is that even in the little things and the nitty gritty, Beckham ranks better than his peers. It isn’t just the highlights but Beckham is remarkably consistent.

According to, Beckham is the top wide receiver from his draft class in one under-appreciated category. The analytics website ranks Beckham tops in ‘Most Yards Per Route Run’ among wide receivers taken in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Beckham averaged 2.46 yards per route compared to fellow 2014 draft picks Martavis Bryant (2.32) and Mike Evans (2.24). Pretty good company as neither Bryant nor Evans is exactly a slouch:

Also recently, PFF had a warning for the AFC West this year, the division that the Giants have slated on the schedule this year. Last year, PFF notes that Beckham had a 140.5 rating against the AFC North, a huge rating when compared to his wide receiver rating against the NFC East (92.6) and the NFC North (72.0):

Odell Beckham Jr. was at The Opening this past weekend in Oregon, the biggest recruiting camp in the country for college football prospects. It’s run by Nike, so the brand’s biggest NFL athlete made an appearance.

But an OBJ appearance at a camp full of up-and-coming football players isn’t typical. Beckham’s more like a rockstar.

A video he posted on his Instagram shows how. He arrives at the camp — where the young prospects are overjoyed — and just dances with the dumbfounded athletes.

Beckham is by far the biggest star the NFL has to offer today. By the time his NFL career is over, he’s going to be the player with the longest lasting influence from his generation.

He’s the most recognizable player in the league. Part of it is because of his curly blonde hair. Part of it is his catches that make you starve for an instant replay. Part of it is because of his style on and off the field. It also helps that he plays on the biggest stage in New York.