Nike Texans #99 J.J. Watt New Lights Out Black With 10th Patch Men’s Stitched NFL Elite Jersey

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The Houston Texans have a Super Bowl caliber roster wholesale jerseys. They’re coming off of their second straight AFC South Division championship, and pushed the New England Patriots in their Divisional Round loss. If the Texans had better quarterback play, from Brock Osweiler, they may have been able to advance past the Patriots and onto the AFC Championship game.

This is why, with being one piece away from a title, they must make a big splash in the upcoming draft by trading their biggest asset on their roster: J.J. Watt.

Yes, that’s right, the Texans should make a call to the Cleveland Browns front office and offer Watt for the Browns first overall pick in the upcoming draft. Houston would take a publicity hit at first. But, if you’re a Texans fan let me ask you this: if moving the cornerstone of your franchise could get you that quarterback that’s keeping you from advancing farther than you’ve ever gone before in the playoffs and possibly your first ever Super Bowl appearance, why wouldn’t you do it?

Watt is a once in a generation type player. He’s put up Hall of Fame worthy stats in his six years while in Houston. He’s been a three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year, and his footprint in the community is great. However, the reality is that he is coming off of two back surgeries in 2016, to go with a number of other injuries.

Watt wrote about this in a Players Tribune piece back in November:

“One broken hand.

One staph infection.

Two torn abs.

Three torn adductor muscles.

One herniated disc. (Twice).

That was my 2015 season. Believe it or not, the scariest was probably the staph infection.”

He continued: “Some people started to wonder if I was done. There was a time when I genuinely wondered, “Am I done?” I didn’t feel like myself. I had never even had one major surgery before, much less three in one year. To have the game taken away from me three times — each time left to wonder if I would ever be the same again — that was hard. That was the first time the word retirement had ever crept into my head.” (Players Tribune)

That is a lot of injuries for anyone to come back from; and perform at their former peak self. However, with Watt’s determination there wouldn’t be any shock when and if he did come back to his All-Pro self.

However, that’s a big if. And, a problem that the Texans shouldn’t have to worry about; especially since they proved they could be the best defense in the league, without Watt. Hoping Watt returns to his former self should be a gamble that the Browns have to worry about. While Houston can take a chance on the projected top pick in the draft, Myles Garrett.

The Texans have been rumored to be the place that Tony Romo would like to go to, if the Dallas Cowboys cut the veteran quarterback. However, there are two looming problems for the Texans if Romo is cut.

One, the Texans have $24.3 million in salary cap room. While that does seem to be a high number; with the upcoming free agency market, and draft, it gives the Texans little room to tighten up their roster.

And two, Romo is slated to be a $24.7 million cap hit to the Cowboys. He more than likely isn’t expecting to make that if he is cut. But, with the Texans being so close to the salary cap ceiling they would need to make some space to fit that missing piece to their roster.

Removing Watt would free up four million in cap room that would enable the Texans to sign Romo at a fair deal, bring in Garrett as the first-overall pick, and still be able to go after free agents. It’s a tough pill to swallow to move someone as iconic as Watt. However, if it gets you the quarterback to put you over the top, a future defensive All-Pro, plus net a veteran free agent or two, then it will be all worth it.