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It doesn’t look like the Broncos quarterback competition will be getting a mystery third contender.

With the battle between Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch going nowhere so far, Chinese wholesale jerseys there had been at least one report that the Broncos were interested in trading for another quarterback who could possibly win the starting job in Denver.

If any Broncos fans were hoping that AJ McCarron — or any other quarterback — might end up Denver, you might want to give up on that hope now because John Elways says it’s not going to happen.

The Broncos general manager took to Twitter on Wednesday and used one of Donald Trump’s favorite phrases to deny the report that the Broncos are interested in trading for a quarterback.wholesale authentic nfl jerseys

The only thing Elway left out in that tweet was the #FakeNews hashtag. If Elway isn’t trying to trade for a quarterback, that means he’s comfortable moving forward with either Siemian or Lynch, which could means Broncos fans are in for another ugly offensive season. With Siemian under center in 2016, the Broncos offense ranked 27th overall in the NFL in total yards.

It’s not like Lynch would exactly be a step up, though. For one, he couldn’t beat out Siemian for the starting job last season. Also, after just a week of camp, he seems to be trailing in the competition again this season.

Siemian sounds like a guy who expects to win the job. The former seventh-round pick said this week that he’s already starting to feel comfortable in the system of new offensive coordinator Mike McCoy.

“I can’t tell exactly when, but probably a week or so I just kind of felt a little more comfortable, like things were clicking for me and I got a big-picture thought of how we’re trying to attack scheme and defenses,” Siemian said, via the Denver Post. “I just felt comfortable … getting going and also getting a feel for all the guys. First, second, third [team], it doesn’t matter — just getting a feel for how guys run, what they do well and I think we’re all in a good spot right now.”

Although Siemian will be starting the team’s first preseason game on Thursday, that does NOT mean he’s going to be the team’s starter. Broncos coach Vance Joseph made that clear on Tuesday when asked if the preseason start meant Siemian was going to be his guy during the regular season.

Basically, someone’s going to win this competition, but it won’t be AJ McCarron.