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The New Orleans Saints are one of several teams expected to be interested in impending free agent Jimmy Graham. Wouldn’t Saints fans love this reunion? In addition to fans who’d go gaga over this, we have running back Mark Ingram actually “praying” for Graham to come back.

Graham was quarterback Drew Brees’ right hand-man starting in 2011. This was also the year that the Saints selected Ingram in the first round. The pair played together up through the 2014 season.

In 2015, the Saints traded Graham to the Seattle Seahawks. Since then, no tight end has been nearly as valuable to Brees as Graham was.

Just imagine a return of Graham, who has 51 career touchdowns with the Saints, reuniting with Ingram. Throw in Ingram’s partner in crime, running back Alvin Kamara, and that would be quite the trifecta, not to mention receiver Michael Thomas.

The Saints really should find a way to make something with Graham happen.

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Alabama football: Highlights, full episode of Crimson Tide’s ‘Shop Talk’ featuring Nick Saban, Wholesale Julio Jones Jerseys, Ryan Anderson, Eddie Jackson

“Shop Talk” from Alabama football is the series you didn’t know you needed, but are glad you have it.
The first episode features former Crimson Tide stars Julio Jones (Atlanta Falcons), Eddie Jackson (Chicago Bears) and Ryan Anderson (Washington Redskins) along with Alabama coach Nick Saban.

The show is set in Alabama’s new barbershop which is arguably one of the best recruiting tools ever.

I’ve seen a lot of interviews with Julio Jones, and I’m not sure he’s ever talked this much. It’s honestly a great episode all around, delivering laughs and life lessons.

This is just part 1 of Episode 1. Part 2 of Episode 1 will be released next Wednesday. You can watch the full episode below.

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Here are some of the highlights:

Just a few seconds into the episode, we get Julio Jones going full “old man” on Jackson and Anderson. Jackson says to Jones, “I know y’all didn’t have all the basketball and pool tables, huh?” Jones responds, “Bruh, we had four couches, two computers upstairs, a pool table and a ping pong table.” This is great because it gives you a sense of the different eras within Saban’s tenure. Jones along with guys like Mark Ingram and others helped build what younger guys like Jackson and Anderson enjoyed. Jackson and Anderson, who both left after the 2016 season, helped build what the current players are enjoying. To be fair, Jackson and Anderson got a small taste of the old times Jones was describing as well. “I remember when I first got here, we were in a trailer. That’s when they were first doing everything,” Jackson said.

Jones jokingly says, “I get lost now when I come here. I had to have somebody walk me over.”

You know how legends grow more with time? That was the case with Jones describing how many “110s” his teams ran while at Alabama. Jackson asked Jones, “Didn’t y’all run 30 110s or something?”Jones responded with “36.” Jackson then tried to show how much his guys ran. “What’s the most we ran, Ryan? 30 something?” Anderson fired back, “Hell nah. I’d be at South Alabama.” Never change, Ryan.

Nick Saban joins the guys around the 7:42 mark.

Jones had some great commentary about how social media can be great for staying in touch, but a downfall if you let it define your self worth.

Saban got a little emotional when talking about how special he feels that all of the former players like to come back once they’ve graduated or moved on to the NFL.

Saban admitted that he was scared Alabama was going to lose Jones during the 2008 cycle because Alabama already had four receivers in the class. It’s kind of strange to hear Saban say that given how well he’s recruited, but it goes to show just how special of a talent Jones was coming out of high school.